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Dengue awareness Augmented Reality App. 

This project was conceived as part of a 5-day AR and VR workshop.

Project Information

AR and VR Workshop

Project Mentor

Nikhil Joshi,

Saurabh Bhide

Team Members

Nupur Chauhan,

Akhil, Shaivangi,

Asir, Atul





Dialogue writing,


Tools Used

Unity, Vuforia Computer Vision, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Animate

Machar hatao, Dengue bhagao


Propose an intervention to solve the identified problem area. The solution should utilise the learnings of the AR and VR Workshop.

Problem Area

During the time of the workshop many students had contracted dengue and were hospitalized. The matter was of great concern in spite of many efforts made by the administration to minimize breeding areas and the spread. 

An overview of Dengue in India.

Secondary Research
Key Takeaways from Secondary Research
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Primary Research

For the field visit we walked around the campus and identified various dengue breeding areas. 


- Junkyard area

- Discarded tyres

- Open containers

- Pits and puddles

- Old planters 

- Tree holes


Many areas were identified near our college canteen which is the most busy area since, all the students interact and spend their time there. 

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Insights from semi-structured qualitative interviews on Mosquito breeding prevention
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Opportunity Area

From our research we identified that there was not enough awareness and knowledge about how to prevent and control Dengue from spreading. Even in college not much was done and from our secondary research we can conclude that a huge part of the population is also not aware. Therefore, we decided to address this area.

Design Intervention

MachAR  is an android AR awareness app. An interactive app which uses animation to increase Dengue awareness.


It can be used to scan and identify breeding grounds. Upon scanning in informs the user about the mosquito, provides latest information on the identified breeding area and statistics. 

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Tanya is walking back to hostel in the campus late afternoon. Its the monsoons season and the campus is all wet with puddles formed here and there.

User Scenario
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She comes across a puddle of water and takes out her phone to use MachAR app and scan the area.

MachAR icon.png
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A mosquito appears on the screen and informs about Dengue mosquitoes.

The mosquito shares information about itself and where it breeds.

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Immersive Interactive Experience

Latest Information about Dengue is shared and can be accessed from the app.

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MachAR app Prototyping and Testing

Unity and Vuforia computer Vision was used to prototype the app. Markers based AR was used for convenience and testing.

Location for testing the prototype were set near two potential breeding areas inside the cmapus.


The prototype was further demonstrated to the student community for testing and feedback.