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MeToo Movement

This Kinetic Sculpture is a Rube Goldberg Machine which explores the emotions felt during the #Metoo wave which swept the entire world.

Project Information

Kinetic Scultpute

Project Mentor

Dr. Jignesh Khakhar,

Suvani Suri





Tools used

Paper, Cardboard, and found objects

Adobe Premier Pro

Special Thanks

Shiraz Iqbal for guidance.

Asir Sam David for Videography help


To experiment and explore various motions and create a thematic Rube Goldberg Machine.

Why MeToo?

To raise an awareness, provoke and create a discourse. The idea was conceived at the time when #metoo started trending. ​​​​​​​During the course of this momentum, various people joined forces and together exerted a greater force. Thereby, leveraging against all the accused and bringing justice to many.

Me too rasie voice.png
How it works

The triggers represent the key events which took place during the timeline.  

Events ranging from Tarana Burke raising her voice, to the gap of 10 years, and how a single tweet by Alyssa Milano triggered the domino effect which resulted in an unprecedented movement are shown via kinetic motions. ​​​​​​​

sculpture steps pics
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Prototyping and Testing
exploration process work landscape small