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Bapu: Events and Emotions

The project was result of a two-week course of International Open Elective course at National Institute of Design. The course focused on Machine Learning, Python, Data analysis and Data Visualization.

Project Information

Kinetic Scultpute

Course Faculty

PG Bhat,

Chakradhar Saswade

Team Members

Ajmal Shah, Samriti Gosain, Sindhu Raghu

Tools Used

Python, Jupyter Notebook,


Adobe Illustrator


The project is based on the sentiment analysis of Mahatma Gandhi’s emotions embedded in letters sent and speeches given by him during his lifetime. This project focuses on visualizing Gandhi’s emotions around 10 key events during the freedom struggle of India.

Data Preparation

The Data for the project was sourced from over 100 volumes of Mahatma Gandhi’s writings available online. These Collected works include his letters, famous speeches and books written by him which were segregated into sections of individual letters and speeches using Python and Jupyter Notebooks. Using sentiment analysis tool they were further analysed to calculate sentiments in each letter.

ML Gandhi all emotions.png
Data Analysis

The collected sentiments’ value were analysed using Tableau to identify median values of each emotion around the ten corresponding events in the History of Indian Independence. These values provided an overall picture of his emotions around these events and time.

Key emotions analysed: 

Joy, Anticipation, Surprise, Trust, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger

Data Visualisation

For the deliverable, a visualization was created for the interactive web page. Both the positive and negative emotions were visualized, size of the bubble represented the intensity of the emotion felt around that particular event. Corresponding color was chosen to match the attribute of the emotions.

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Initial static representation of pages and website flow (L to R)